grid is getting published!

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Ok, this is an unexpected turn of events. Grid (update: now officially called Solar Knight!), my little toy adventure/roguelike project, got picked up by a publisher! From here on out, I’ll be working with the people over at Crescent Moon Games to bring the game to Android and iOS!

Grid started as a tiny side project. Actually, it was originally even less than that. The sketches that eventually became Grid were only meant as a collection of general purpose tiles for quick prototyping:

vini, making solar knight @vmenezio
dec 13, 2018

Been thinking about prototype friendly assets and goblin camps. #pixelart

As the project evolved and little gifs started gaining traction on Twitter, I realized that maybe my throwaway little pack of assets had a chance to become an actual video game. I began refining some mechanics, designing a couple puzzles, naming some characters - all at a pretty leisurely pace. Until I got a surprising DM.

It seems my little pet project had more promise than I anticipated!

Now, after a short round of negotiations, Grid is officially getting published by Crescent Moon! Expect more news about its development soon!

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