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20-04-26 solar knight: godot showreel 2020

19-07-01 grid is getting published!

Solar Knight is a puzzle adventure game about saving a fantasy land that’s been cursed by the moon.

Released: TBD
Platforms: iOS and Android
Publisher: Crescent Moon

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about the game

In Solar Knight you play as Luca, a young angler from the village of Ryoka who has been unexpectedly tasked to save the world. Solve ancient riddles, outsmart your foes and explore a world full of danger and secrets, one step at a time.

This game is my first large scale project in the Godot Engine, and is heavily inspired by the Game Boy Color RPGs that gave me some of my earliest and fondest experiences with video games, like Pokémon Gold and Silver and the Zelda Oracle series.

Everything, from the pixel art style to the step-based movement to the minimalist approach to text and storytelling was designed to capture the feeling those old games used to give me: a tiny world, full of secrets and adventure, that fits in your pocket.

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